Autonomous operations

Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is a compact underwater system that allows for multiple wireless underwater operations in a compact format. In its autonomous mode, it is able to track and follow targets as well as perform autonomous tasks, such as fully automated hull inspections. Leveraging complex sonar and visual proprietary technologies, Seasam Autonomous Drone™ can detect and avoid obstacles automatically. It can also track abnormal behavior and warn nearby divers.


Equipped with 7 high quality propellers, Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is capable of an unrivaled stability in water. In all configurations (as a tethered ROV or as an wireless underwater drone), in current or in calm water, Seasam can maintain its position easily and quickly move with ease. Its propellers grant it a total freedom of movement: Seasam Autonomous Drone™ can move laterally, pitch up or down, rotate smoothly and reach a speed of up to 3 knots.

One-man Operable

Seasam Autonomous Drone™ has been designed to be quick and easy to use. Its best-in-class stability and AI give it a very intuitive feel. Our underwater system is light (9kg) and requires less than 10min to deploy. Whether you need a wireless autonomous drone or a compact tethered ROV, Seasam can be operable by one person only and requires no training.

Wall Servoing

Seasam Autonomous Drone™ is equipped with top of the line sonar and visual technologies that allows it to lock distances and move accordingly. Combined with Seasam’s best-in-class stability, the wall servoing is particularly relevant when it comes to large scale underwater inspections and will prove to be an essential tool to help you optimize and quicken complex processes.

Diver Monitoring

When following a diver autonomously, our dedicated thin tether can provide direct video feedback to the surface. Using this Diver Monitoring Mode gives you a third-eye view on dive operations thus increasing safety while the drone actively maintain the right distance to the diver.

Customizable with

After years of collaboration with major industrial actors, we understood the great need for an underwater system that can be adapted to a wide variety of configurations and environments. This is why we designed Seasam Autonomous Drone™ as a versatile tool. Whether you need a longer battery life, an extra light, a longer tether, a long-range buoy, etc… our system can be upgraded with a large range of accessories to fit your exact needs.