One of the biggest challenges of ROV engineers is being able to control an underwater vehicle untethered. The natural barrier between air and water prevents most means of standard communication, such as Wi-Fi or cellular networks, to be used with underwater assets.  So we had to find a solution to set up an ROV GPS.

Seasam Navigator is the answer to this challenge. Meet the future of in-water operations today.

Long range transmission

Underwater geolocation

Standalone USV

Waypoint navigation

The future for in-water operations, today

ROV GPS Seasam Navigator

From autonomous marina navigation to ship hull inspections with geolocated data, Seasam Navigator is the next step in underwater data collection technologies.
When paired with the Seasam underwater drone, Navigator becomes a long-range Wi-Fi relay which allows you to navigate complex environments up to one hundred meters away from your position without any tether. As a standalone Unmanned Surface Vehicle, Navigator is able to map out entire areas and use waypoint navigation that you define.


Thanks to advances in wireless and underwater technologies, Notilo Plus developped Seasam Navigator. This Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV) is fully motorized and embarks a long-range WiFi transmitter. The Navigator can be used in tandem with the Seasam Drone to allow wireless, long-range ROV control of the drone without the need of a cable leading back to the operator.

This new addition to the Seasam ecosystem allows for easy navigation in complex environments such as marinas and crowded docking ports, as well as full ship hull inspections without adding the stress of cable management.

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

Underwater geolocation

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

When it comes to data analysis and usage, geolocation is a must have. With Seasam Navigator, you are able to precisely locate the position of the data you capture – including its depth.

Its onboard GPS on board allows it to both broadcast its own position, but also the position of the drone when it moves underwater. Using the acoustic technology used by the drone, this locational data can be paired with other types of information processed by the drone.

Once uploaded to Notilo Cloud, the results are compiled in comprehensive datasets and can established a complete map of the operational area including geolocated points of interests, such as structural weak points, biofouling or even foreign objects.

standalone USV

Seasam Navigator doubles as a standalone Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV).

When used in USV-mode, Navigator is able to perform high-fidelity scans and bathymetric surveys of its surrounding operational area.
Other types of surveys can be conducted with the addition of third-party sensors. The payload capacity of Navigator is 2kg.

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

Waypoint navigation

rov gps sous-marin Navigator

In USV mode, Navigator can be programmed to follow a pre-programmed navigation path.
Multiple waypoints can be set in order to inspect an area for points of interests, safe zones or dangerous areas.
Any waypoint operation can be uploaded to Notilo Cloud for easy post-inspection analysis.

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