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What role does Notilo Plus play in the commercial underwater inspection sector?

Anyone who ever worked underwater knows how delicate diving operations can get. Between planning, diver safety, weather & water conditions, and lengthy operations, it takes a lot of organisation to have a well oiled machine. This difficulty grows even more when it comes to data collection: while some maritime fields have understood the preciousness of collecting underwater information quickly and precisely – especially when it comes to scientific research -, most actors don’t have accurate tools to monitor their underwater data efficiently.

However, the whole maritime sector is in a road for overall digitalization, and underwater data collection is a missing link for a modern company in this field. Let’s take an example: A large shipping company has a fleet of 200 ships, each of them requiring regular inspections and maintenance operations in order to keep low operating costs. Each hull inspection requires a great deal of human and time ressources: inspection dives, ship immobilisation, report classification generation, maintenance operations and more are all necessary to keep such a fleet afloat. But what if most of these tasks were streamlined, simplified and most importantly synchronized on a single platform? That’s where the Seasam ecosystem comes into play.

Business France visited our offices to conduct an exclusive interview with Stéphania B., to explore the answer to this question. Watch the video below to know the present and future impact of Seasam in the underwater inspection sector!