We want to become a major player

in the knowledge and protection of the marine world

Starting with nothing, we managed to quickly create and industrialize an innovative and unique product, entirely made in France.

Nicolas Gambini
CEO & co-founder

Notilo Plus is dedicated to the knowledge and protection of our ocean by using the state-of-the-art technology in autonomous data collection and analysis. Founded in 2016 by passionate divers, Notilo Plus quickly became a major player in underwater artificial intelligence.

Our founders, passionate divers and drone experts, came up with the idea of an autonomous underwater drone. To bring this idea from a dream to reality, our team quickly filled with passionate divers, underwater enthusiasts and other skilled team members such as embedded software developers, manufacturing and supply chain managers. And today, this team is shaping the future of data for all underwater actors.

Since 2016, Notilo Plus is leading the way of autonomous underwater solutions, using the latest artificial intelligence and self-learning technologies to capture and exploit high added value images and data.

After launching its first autonomous drone iBubble on the leisure market, Notilo Plus’ solutions quickly piqued the interest of major actors of the industry: The Seasam ecosystem was born from this growing need.

Since then, this copmprehensive ecosystem has proven its added-value amongst industry and institutional actors in projects ranging from routine structural inspections, scientific research, offshore and underwater works to defense, research and rescue.

Notilo Plus is a French privately owned company.

  • Founded in 2016, headquarters in Marseille.
  • 10 years’ experience and expertise in the advanced development of underwater technologies.
  • Fundamental patents for autonomous underwater drones.
  • 25 employees. R&D based in France, sales operations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

To limit our impact on the environment and to ensure a tighter quality cotnrol, each and every product we build is made in France and locally sourced.


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underwater data collect by rov inspection

Improving knowledge and protection of the ocean through state-of-the-art underwater technologies.