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In the last few years, Notilo Plus has provided great advances in autonomous underwater technologies, in the form of the SEASAM ecosystem.

As a result of years of research & development, Notilo Plus & Osean are now part of the Robotics for Inspection and MAintenance (RIMA) network, thanks to their joint project for an acoustics-based leak detection and prevention project.

A crucial component of the SEASAM underwater drone is its acoustic capabilities, which allows it to become a fully autonomous inspection tool for many industries.

When factoring in the possibility of adding additional sensors to the drone, new opportunities arise for the underwater industries.

Such an example are underwater infrastructures. By partnering up with Osean, a french company specialized in underwater acoustic technologies, Notilo Plus launched the Leaksbuster project.

The root of the Leakbuster project lies on the major safety risk for infrastructure integrity caused by undetected leaks in dams and canals, potentially leading to collapses.

Due to a severe lack of practical, easily scalable inspection tools, only 50 meters of a structure can be inspected in a day. Moreover, if a leak is detected, its location is usually fairly inacurate (20 meters range).

The Leaksbuster project aims to shift this paradigm in the maintenance work. Using Notilo Plus’ acoustic positioning system and Osean’ leaks detection technology, the common solution from our companies aims to provide a sustainable solution for underwater infrastructure operators across the globe for leak detection and prevention.

As seen on the diagrams above, the Leaksbuster project dramatically decreases the costs and ressources needed to perform infrastructure inspections and at the same time greatly imroves their range and precision.

The Leaksbuster project also aims to go beyond improving maintenance operations: using the data gathered during routine operations, the SEASAM ecosystem is also able to perform in-depth analysis powered by artificial intelligence and establish predective models for future operations. Using this data, an accurate status of any underwater structure can be established in a matter of hours, thus reducing costs and time using the power of underwater data.

If you would like to know more about the Leaksbuster project and the opportunities it opens up for your infrastructure, send us a message by visiting our contact page!