Ship hull inspections just got better.
Much better.

Our end-to-end solution in 64 seconds, tops.

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You do the ship hull inspections. We take care of the report.



Spending hours making reports is a thing of the past.

Save hundreds of hours of screen time by letting us do the heavy lifting: upload your ship hull inspections, and let Notilo Cloud turn it into elegant & interactive digital PDF reports in just one click.

Build trust with your customers


Your clients’ operations require certainty and transparency.

Notilo reports are trusted by leading shipping players worldwide as the new digital standard for hull reports.

Your clients deserve expertise


Rise above competition with the help of our award-winning Notilo Cloud reporting platform.

You can now provide the highest standard of ship hull inspections: UWILD compliant, regulations-ready and delivering long term value to ship owners.

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They trust us with ship hull inspections.

Several of the world’s leading ship owners, class inspection companies and service providers trust Notilo Cloud for their hull reports.
Join our network for free and provide them with Notilo Cloud reports in your operational zone.

Whether you are interested in Notilo Cloud platform, Seasam drone, or both, all our solutions are available on a pay-per-use basis, without upfront investment.

This way, we can focus on growing your business, without financial worries. Your success is our priority and our business. 

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Join our global network.

Put your ship hull inspections on autopilot.

Autopilot mode

Fully customizable commands

Hull servoing

Quick deployment

Located hull data for precise reporting.

Automatic& manual
hull location

Georeferenced flags
& bookmarks


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Go live with cristal-clear footage.


We know everyone can’t be on-site.

That’s why the Seasam Control App allows a live streaming of Seasam drone’s camera view through the internet with great quality, low latency and compression for an optimal viewing experience.

Motion sickness is avoided thanks to Seasam’s impressive self-stabilitization ability delivering footage that is pleasant to watch.

Live streaming

Full HD video

Low light camera

Automatic stabilisation

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Hull inspections. Made easy.

Our team has put together the most maneuverable and task-oriented ROV on the market.

With the features of Seasam Control App, delivering class-quality hull inspection is at everyone’s reach, with only minimal training and practice. Beyond video, it is also flexible to add external sensors from our catalog, or virtually any ancillary equipment you need.

6 degrees of freedom

2.4 knots max speed

4 hours battery

Modular, 2 kg payload

Better reports. Regardless of your ROV brand.

Whether you operate a Seasam or another ROV brand, Notilo Cloud is available to process data from any video source. Just upload your video, sit back and relax whilst our algorithms process it into clear, actionable and personalisable reports.

Interactive PDF reports

Online storage, 24/7 collaboration