additional sensors

With Seasam Sensor Hub™, we’ve pushed the boundaries of adaptability further. We have designed a system that allows you to plug additional sensors and thus capture data that is relevant to you.

Seasam Sensor Hub™ gives you the opportunity to add sensors and use them directly, without having to re-calibrate the entire system. You can record additional data easily, without having to go through any tedious process.

data collection

We understand that your operations require all the possible precision and that you need information specific to your industry. This is why we give you the unique chance to customize your Seasam ecosystem so that it provides you with the exact data you need. Seasam Sensor Hub™ allows you to pick the data that matters to you.

Ongoing technological

But what the Seasam Sensor Hub™ really allows is to always remain ahead of the curve. It grants your Seasam Autonomous Drone™ the possibility to evolve with time. Through the addition of sensors or accessories, you can ensure that Seasam will always remain relevant.

Multiple data
influx merging

Seasam Sensor Hub™ is a rare opportunity to combine different data sources in one unique system. This is a major improvement and simplification of a complex process. With the data of different sensors gathered in one place, you will get an efficient overview of your operation and will be able to easily analyze the data collected.