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The Seasam Control 2.1 update brings a lot of new features: A new user interface, new features for the drone and many other things have been added in this update!

The Seasam Drone 2.1 update is also available. You can read the changes in our dedicated blog post here.

New features

New UI
  • The Seasam Control app has been redesigned, with a brand new design and new features.
  • Dark / Light Mode
    • It is now possible to switch from Dark mode to Light mode in the settings tab of the app.
  • Pitch Widget
    • A new pitch indicator widget has been added on the main screen, along with a button to reset the pitch to 0°.
  • Compass Widget
    • A compass has been added to the main screen. It displays the global referential (North, West, East, South) or can be toggled to a local reference by clicking on it.
  • Alert and notifications display
    • Alerts and important notifications, such as low battery, battery leak or collision detection, will now be displayed when needed at the top of the main screen.

Videos and pictures
  • As mentioned in the Seasam Drone changelog, it is now possible to use the drone’s internal camera to take pictures and record videos via the Seasam Control app or the drone’s remote. These media are saved directly on the drone and can be accessed via the Seasam Control app.

Wall Servoing – BETA
  • The Wall Servoing feature is now available. Controls are located on the sidebar of the main screen, where you can activate it and set the desired distance (between 0.75m and 3m). 

Depth Lock
  • You may now use the Depth Lock feature which is available in the sidebar. The drone will descend and stay at the set depth (from 0.5 to 100m).

Drone behaviour settings
  • Various settings regarding the drone’s behaviour underwater have been added. You can access and modify these options in the Settings tab of the app.

Supervised mode
  • New scenarios have been added to the Supervised mode: Follow Me, Stay, Circle and Come.
  • Obstacle avoidance can be toggled on or off.

Logs, medias and Notilo Cloud linking
  • In the new Logs tab, you can now download the logs and medias recorded by your drone. You may store them directly on the computer or upload them on Notilo Cloud!

Water Temperature
  • A new temperature readout is now available. Please keep in mind that the displayed temperature may be a few degrees above the actual water temperature, as the heat sensor is located inside the drone’s sealed compartment.

  • Gamepad sensitivity settings added.
  • Gamepad button configuration added.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Save the path to videos and logs in config file.
  • Handling of disconnected gamepad improved. If the gamepad is disconnected while the drone is active, it will stop and stay at its current position.
  • Notilo Plus logo added in the system icons and in the taskbar.
  • Various performance improvements.
  • Enabled visual tracking in Supervisor mode. This should improve tracking behaviour when using this mode.