Sea water is a medium where data is particularly difficult to collect, merge and analyze. There are few data transmission possibilities, and with low visibility & accuracy difficulties. As of today, stakeholders of the blue economy rely on inaccurate, human-made inspections, or very expensive solutions designed at first for the Oil & Gas industry.

Notilo Plus’ vision is to make underwater data more easily accessible & exploitable than ever before.

Nicolas Gambini, CEO of Notilo Plus

The SEASAM-AI project will bring SEASAM to a viable industrial product composed of a modular and autonomous drone (AUV for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) equipped with AI computing power, a data analysis platform and a professional mission control application. The aim is to reach TRL9 through taking over the performance of Notilo Plus’ leisure hardware platform and (i) integrate new AI capabilities and a data processing software platform and (ii) optimise it to address each market segment needs and demonstrate it.

Through the SEASAM-AI project, reproductible underwater inspection will become widely available for players of the blue economy, even for remote or small size infrastructures.

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