Data recording
& saving

All the data recorded by the Seasam ecosystem is directed and recorded on Notilo Cloud™. Our platform gives you a worldwide 24/7 access to all the data collected. With a storage capacity of 200Go, you’ll be able to store and organize easily the data and logs collected during your dives.

Moreover, Notilo Cloud™ allows you to access your data from any device. It is what links each part of your data collecting ecosystem. Designed as a flexible platform, you can easily shape Notilo Cloud™ to fit your needs.

Drone fleet

Being the link between all the data collecting devices of your ecosystem, Notilo Cloud™ is also the control center of this ecosystem. That means that if you are leveraging several different Seasam Autonomous Done™, our cloud is designed to help you manage your fleet efficiently. Notilo Cloud™ gives you a clear overview of the data collected by each drone and allows you to easily gather and assemble the data to your convenience.

AI powered ecosystem

The Seasam ecosystem brings the latest in hardware innovation together with AI and self-learning software developed by Notilo Plus. Notilo Cloud™ is the interface through which you can select, organize and comment the data collected by our in-house AI. With an intuitive and flexible UX design, you’ll be able to easily leverage complex information and a powerful AI.

Easy data 

Benefiting from an easy access to Notilo Cloud™ and all your data, it was an evidence for us to also make it extra easy for you to export your data. Time is always at the essence and we know that an easy export gives you extra freedom to rework the data as you wish. Our intuitive UX is a great tool to enhance communication with your team or clients.

Data annotation

Notilo Cloud™ has been designed to be flexible and intuitive. Our UX is easy to understand and shape to your need. Notilo Cloud™ allows you to make quick annotation on the data collected. We’ve made it extra easy for you to comment and share your data, thus saving time and effort.

Total Access To Our Data Management Platform
Yet in beta version

990€ / Year
With A 12 Months Contract
Online access

- Drone fleet management
- 20 users included
- 100 missions / year included
- 200 dives / year included
- 200Go storage space included

Includes the below features
- Mission logs
- Drone management
- Video management
- Video annotation
- Mission calendar view
- Dive dashboard
- Report generation from annotations
- Logs export
- Video, photo export