Inshore Infrastructure

Working on infrastructure is complex, dangerous and the stakes are high. And when that work needs to be done underwater, the complexity, the risk and the costs can be multiplied. With Seasam, Notilo Plus came up with an innovative and efficient solution to these problems.

Search & Safety

The stakes of underwater Defense, Search & Safety related issues are growing increasingly faster since new technologies are developing rapidly. In a context of high pressure where precision and speed are of the utmost importance, you need a tool that can assist you efficiently in your mission.

Ship hulls

Maintaining a shipping fleet and insuring its security is a complex task and has proven to be risky as well. While ship inspection has been made easier thanks to great technological innovations, these solutions have often proven to be expensive and lack precision.


Underwater operations on offshore structure are complex, often dangerous and always with high stakes. The waters are never forgiving and working in the ocean requires a tool that can withstand rough conditions and provide efficient solutions quickly.

Scientific Research

Recent technological innovations keep pushing the boundaries of scientific research further. In a context where the stakes of research are directly linked to the preservation of our ocean and with discoveries enabling us to keep deepening our understanding of the fragile ecosystem that surrounds us, Notilo Plus dedicated its mission to providing an underwater systems that will support scientists in their task, enhancing the precision and speed of their research.

Underwater Works

Performing underwater works is a highly risky and complex operation. It is often difficult to have the proper visibility or correct information before being on the site, and even then, direct communication with the diving teams is impossible. Working hand in hand with major actors of the underwater works, we have conceived a compact and versatile solution that enhances precision and reporting while also reducing overall operations costs and risks.