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The Seasam ecosystem isn’t limited to products. Our team and their skills are available today to help you reach your milestones, accomplish special work or simply lend you a hand for your underwater inspections. So you can choose to delegate your underwater operations or opt for a ROV rental.

ROV rental - Seasam underwater drone

Short term ROV rental

For your one-off operations, you can rent the Seasam Underwater Drone and its accessories for a short period.

This service includes the one-day ROV rental of the Seasam starter pack as well as the activation of a temporary account on the Notilo Cloud platform.

This type of rental is recommended for your one-off operations. Consult our special conditions with our sales department by contacting us using the form at the bottom of the page.

Underwater livestream

Thanks to the Seasam ecosystem, it is now possible to achieve live broadcasts of underwater footage. Using this service, you can carry out your underwater operation and retransmit the images in real time to your audience.

This service includes the movement of our team on site, the setting up of the broadcast via the media of your choice and the management of the latter.

Contact our sales department below to find out more.

location drone sous marin - rov rental
rov rental

Personnel Training

To deepen your knowledge of the Seasam ecosystem and improve your piloting and inspection skills, the Notilo Plus team is here to provide the training you require.

This service includes training your team to use the Seasam ecosystem and the Notilo Cloud platform.

Recommended for the purchase of a full Seasam pack and a Notilo Cloud subscription to take full advantage of the ecosystem’s features.

Contact our sales department below to find out more.

Maintenance work

Our team is at your disposal to carry out a complete maintenance of your Seasam ecosystem: mechanical maintenance, updating the drone and the control unit, checking the health of your Notilo Cloud account, etc.

Contact our sales department below to find out more.