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Seasam Drone™ is a compact underwater system capable of conducting autonomous operations as well as being a high-performance, next generation ROV.


In autonomous mode, the drone is able to locate and track specific targets and perform complex operations such as hull inspections, leaks detections and more.


Using proprietary sonar and vision technologies, Seasam Drone can avoid obstacles automatically, perform wall servoing and remain stable in any position.





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Autonomous underwater surveys

Seasam Drone is a compact underwater system made for autonomous underwater operations.
Able to track and follow targets as well as perform various tasks, such as hull surveys and inspections, this is the next evolution in R.O.V. technology.

A platform adapted
to your needs

Seasam Control

All-in-one control software

Using Seasam Control, piloting your ROV has never been so easy.

Thanks to its ergonomic design, this application allows you to precisely inspect niche areas without the need for training beforehand.

This software allows for extreme fine tuning of your controls and performing complex tasks automatically, such as wall servoing, depth and pitch locking and more.

Sensor Hub

Third-party sensor integration

With the Seasam Sensor Hub, you are able to plug additional sensors to the Seasam Drone and capture data that is relevant to you.

The Sensor Hub allows you to capture the data you need, even if it is highly specific. Thanks to this technological bridge, it allows your drone to stay relevant through the years.

By combining multiple data sources in a single data platform, establishing precise models (hull status, fleet management, species monitoring…) becomes a streamlined concept.

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